Mikhail Kosolapov/ Artworks, solo/group/public-art-fests and art-fairs from 1999

IMG_5260Cosmoscow Art Fair 2019

Mikhail Kosolapov, born 1970, Moscow

artist (sculpture, multimedia installations, public-art)

Co-founder of Art Business Consulting group and non-profit artists-run gallery (abc-group.ru), numerous  solo and collective exhibitions in Russia and abroad: Moscow biennale, Art-Bazel/Maiami/Hong-Kong, Frieze Art Fair, Kandinsky prize show, Milan design week etc.

Mikhail Kosolapov_SHOW (press kit)

Selected shows



Golden Autumn-2: half a step to the sky (solo). Art-residence SNT Krona, Moscow reg


RePlastic (solo Red Mind Chinese), Electromuseum, Moscow

Work In Team/Layers/Legged photographic object (as ABC group). Moscow State Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art


Polar expedition: from the Kremlin to the South port. The last march (as a Privat Person Club group), street performance, Moskva river.


Garden of Eden: environmental intervention (solo). Sailing boat ‘Chachi’ art-residence, Ilhas Selvagens (Portugal), Atlantic ocean

Confused ace (solo). ‘Crown garden partnership’ art-residence SNT Krona, Moscow reg.


Polar expedition: from the Northern port to the Kremlin and further along the ice of the Moskva river (as a Privat Person Club group), street performance in two parts, Moskva river


FirstByFirst: regatta instead of artwork (solo). Zverevskiy Museum, Moscow


Open Systems (as ABC group). Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Second Life. Podgorica, Montenegro

Balkanautica (monument to the first Montenegro astronaut) (solo). House of artists, Kotor

Mantra (solo). Zverevskiy Museum, Moscow


Plainair (artists against Red Kremlin). Kremlin embankment, Moscow

I am who I am. KIT, Dusseldorf

VERGE/Be Open. Milan design week, University of Milan

Indirect Political Statement  (solo). XL Gallery, Moscow


Personal Enhancement Corp (as ABC group). XL Gallery, Moscow

Futurologia / Russia Utopias (as ABC group). Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

MILF (solo). XL Gallery, Moscow

Contact (as ABC group). XL Gallery, Moscow/ VIII Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale
Thin motley line (solo). ABC-gallery, Moscow

Open Space Waltz (as ABC group). ‘invasion:evasion’, Baibakov art projects, Moscow
The golden Bough. Public-art festival, Izhevsk
Layers. Desktop graphics (as ABC group). XL Gallery, Moscow

Turbo. Self-portreit (solo). ABC-gallery, Moscow
Laputa (flying island). Federation tower, Moscow Biennale
abc.etc. XL Gallery, Moscow/Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna

But whose life is easy nowadays? (solo). ABC-gallery, Moscow
Anual Report (as ABC group). State Hermitage, St.Peterburg

Collaborators (as ABC group). State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
God’s den (solo). ABC-gallery, Moscow
Peripheral vision (as ABC group). ‘Hotel Antelope’, Cardiff

The hunting of the clerk. Public-art festival, Art-Kliazma, Moscow region

Cultural hero memorial. Public-art festival, Cheboksary
451° F (as ABC group). ‘Digital Russia’, Central House of Artists, Moscow

Golden man. Public-art festival, Nizhnekamsk

My pregnancy (solo). OGI Street gallery, Moscow
Deadline (as ABC group). OGI Street gallery, Moscow

Vinyl bones. XL Gallery, Moscow


Art Talks

Ars brevis vita longa: конец истории одной скульптуры (2021)

О невесомости… (интервью для каталога выставки «Невесомость», 2013)

Автобиография для каталога «Цифровая Росcия» (2003)

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